About Us


Wilson Land & Cattle truly began in 1997 with a boy and a dream.  Conner Wilson was born full of adventure and drive.  At the formidable age of 16, Conner knew that God was tying his heart to farming and ranching.  From that point on, the passion to farm and ranch drove his every decision into adulthood.

Conner received his Bachelor’s Degree from Texas A&M University in Animal Science.  He then went on to attain his Master’s Degree in Ranch Management from the King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management.  Professionally, he has interned at the Padlock Ranch in Wyoming and the Rex Ranch in Nebraska.  He has worked for the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas and also Deseret Cattle & Citrus in Saint Cloud, Florida.

Personally, in 2005 he married his high school sweetheart, Kristin Stocks.  Not only was Kristin smitten and willing to chase Conner’s dreams, wherever that might lead them, but she was also the daughter of a Veterinarian and Beef Cattle Rancher.  From the beginning their souls and dreams were in sync.

In 2012 they bought their first herd of Brangus cow/calf, with one Brangus bull.  Their goal was to grow their herd by retaining all the heifers and changing out bulls.

In 2014 Conner tragically passed away in an accident, leaving Kristin and their four small children behind.  Because of her love for her man, her desire to pass on Conner’s legacy to their children, and her personal love for ranching, she chose to continue the family business.  The process of taking care of four children as a single mother, and continuing a business that Conner was much better equipped to run than her, has been one of the most difficult choices of her life.  But as she has stepped into the role of single parenting and business owner, she has also learned that she can do anything God has called her to do with confidence.  Kristin knows that this family business is something that she wants to pass on to her children, along with the legacy of their father that is inseparable from the business.

After Conner’s passing, Kristin chose to breed more Angus back into her herd by purchasing Angus bulls.  Kristin has been assisted by her father, Dr. Russell Stocks, and by many friends who have ranching in their blood.  This business is in Kristin’s heart and will be passed on to her children, who each carry unmistakable traits of their father.

Kristin has also been given a passion to write.  You can read portions of her story since Conner’s passing on her blog:  truthoverfeelings.blogspot.com

She writes for her own therapy and also to help others who suffer through grief and sorrow.  She hopes to encourage others as they walk through the dark valleys of this broken world.

As a business, we hope that you are impressed with the quality of our products.  As a dream for our family, we hope that you are moved by our story and inspired to live out the calling that God places on the lives of each of HIS Children.

Proverbs 22:1, “A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver or gold.”